So what are bad credit payday loans anyway? Well these are usual fast payday loans. There is nothing special about bad credit payday loans. In fact, all the payday loans are bad credit loans. This is because you can get a payday loan even if you have bad credit. Even if you have very poor credit score. Even if you have very poor credit history. Don't believe me, just visit And see for yourself, this payday loan lender will give loan no matter how poor credit score is.


So how these payday loan lenders manage to risk their money by giving it to those who are already non-payers? What is the basic theme behind bad credit payday loans? Why they give payday loans to everyone?


Well, the basic idea behind payday loans is to facilitate those who need cash on urgent basis. Those who need cash immediately. Payday loans are processed very quickly. If you have ever applied for a payday loan, you will be aware of the fact that payday loans are usually approved within 30 minutes or so. The funds reach your account almost immediately. So the thing is, payday loans are made for those who need money almost on the instant.


Payday loans lenders do not look at your credit score. They are neither interested in your credit history. They are interested in whether you will be able to return their money within the designated tenure which is usually 14 days. And to make sure that you have the capability to return the principal and any associated fee, the as for employment details. You have to show your employment proof. If you are employed then and only then, can you return their money. And this is what all the payday loan lenders ask for. If you cannot assure your lender that you will get a pay check, you cannot get a loan.


So what a payday loan lender needs is surety about your next pay check. As soon as you get money in your bank account, your lender will withdraw principal and fee right away.


You need to show your employment proof to your payday loan lender. Additionally, your lender may also ask you to submit your account statement to see that your account is in the running position.


The amount you can get via payday loan does not exceed $2000, and this is the upper limit. Most of the lenders do not offer such a high payday loan. So this is the reason that even with bad credit, you can get a payday loan. Since your lender has nothing to do with your credit score. In fact, payday loan lenders never look at the credit score of their borrowers. They have their own criterion and they grant loans based on their own rules.


So if you are the one with bad credit, you can still get a payday loan. Not only that you can get a payday loan, but you can also apply for (and hopefully can get too) many other short-term loans that do not need any collateral. All short-term loans are due within one month period and are payable on your next pay check. So you can get almost all short-term loans with your bad credit.


At the end, I must say that you need to try improving your credit score. If you are able to get payday loans with bad credit, it does not mean to keep doing it that way. It is not the solution of the problem rather it is a temporary solution. Find out a permanent solution of your problem.